It has been a full five years after the launch of Windows 10, but the follow up has now arrived.

Microsoft unveiled its beautiful looking operating system called Windows 11 officially during a live-streamed event on Thursday 24 June 2021, showing off the basics of the new OS, which will come in the form of a free upgrade during this holiday season. windows 11 puts forward a new sleek look, more conveniences for productivity-oriented users and a couple of features for PC Gamers too

Here’s a little run down of what you can expect.


Sleek new look

Rounded Corners

The biggest feature to me that stands out on windows 11 is the aesthetics overhaul from windows 10 to this new OS. file explorer and a bunch of other windows have gone from a boring square box to rounded corners on every window.


New Taskbar

Another new aesthetic feature to hit windows 11 is the new taskbar, they have removed the left aligned taskbar for a new more centred one, which in my opinion looks amazing. although for all of us old school windows users we’re going to have to get used to it or do we? we can actually turn off the centre aligned taskbar and move it back to its traditional location in the settings, but I think I’m going to stick to the new location!


Start Menu

Image From Microsoft.

Image From Microsoft.

Speaking of locations, the start menu has also moved, depending on which setting you have on, whether it be left or centre aligned, the start menu moves with it, so if you have a centre aligned taskbar, the start menu will also move around the centre, so that muscle memory of moving the mouse to the bottom left will have to get retrained. on the topic of start menus, the start menu has also received a whole new redesign, it has gone from a traditional list to a grid type layout, where you can pin all the apps you use.

on a side note, for those of us who use dark mode, it will still be available for use in the new OS.


Snap layouts, teams and other fun stuff!

Image From Microsoft.

Image From Microsoft.

Moving onto some of the other changed in windows 11 for productivity’s sake, Microsoft revealed their new snap layout system in their Livestream event. depending on the shape and size of your display, you’ll be able to align a ton of windows in multiple ways. Maybe you want half a window on the right and 2 stacked on top of each other on the right. With snap layouts, you’ll be able to do that with ease, you’ll also be able to save the layout and even pin it to the taskbar so you can open those windows together in that exact way the next time you need them using snap groups.

On an even wider scale, the new desktop features will allow you to create different instances of your desktop for different tasks. Different tasks such as Video Editing, Gaming, Writing or even benchmarking. You can set up each desktop to have its own distinct app layout and even desktop backgrounds. You’ll be able to create, save and open those whenever you need, without having them interfere with another desktop. This isn’t a new idea as Linux have had this feature for years but it’s an incredibly useful and convenient feature nonetheless.

Auto-HDR and Game Pass

Image From Microsoft.

Image From Microsoft.

Windows has always been the go-to OS when it comes to PC gaming, so it’s no surprise that Windows 11 is taking steps to cater to that audience too. The Xbox app is now directly integrated into Windows 11 and naturally, that means quicker access to features like the game pass subscription service.

A much bigger enhancement feature is Auto-HDR. A feature Microsoft introduced on the Xbox Series console that automatically adds HDR (High Dynamic Range) to compatible games without game developers needing to do additional work to add it themselves. HDR added a larger variety of colours to a display.

Beyond that Windows 11 will have an exclusive feature called DirectStorage. In short, this allows games to load straight to your graphics card, decreasing load times and getting you into action quicker. This is another feature that has been included in the Xbox series. Those of you who own an Xbox Series machine or a PS5, can you tell us if the faster load times make a difference?

Windows 365

Image From Microsoft.

Image From Microsoft.

Windows 365 has been in the works since late 2019 and it already has Azure Virtual Desktop, one of the most advanced infrastructure-as-a-service clouds in the business. But why did Microsoft decide to push out a new platform? The answer is simple, to create ease of use for the broadest possible customer adoption.

But what is windows 365? Windows 365 is a cloud-based operating system that allows users to access the platform from a web browser. It’s basically a virtual machine that can be accessed easily from anywhere and used simply like any other windows OS.