iOS 15 has a lot to offer.

As the September 14th Apple Event, announced the brand-new iPad Mini, Apple Watch and the beautiful iPhone 13, it also confirmed the release date for iOS 15, which lands today alongside its other software.

However, iOS 15 has received some changes since its unveiling at WWDC. Safari has seen its new redesign mostly reverted to iOS 14 and other features such as Universal Control and Share Play are now scheduled for a later release.

The new OS delivers better privacy settings, a new weather app and much more! We’ve rounded up the best feature of iOS 15 that you’ll likely wonder how you’ve managed without them.

Focus on your workflow

Image Taken From Apple.

iOS 15 New Focus.

Image Taken From Apple.

Sometimes you may be busy at work or busy attending an event where you don’t want certain notifications to make you aware of things. This is where the redesign of focus comes in and allows you to modify how apps can let you know when you want them to. You can set up different focus profiles so that if you’re in a certain location or if you open a certain app the right focus will be enabled allowing you to read or complete a project the way it’s supposed to be curated.

This new and updated focus mode also applies to Messages, so if someone sends you a text message or iMessage for example, it will be delivered to your device, but not as a notification. The focus will let the recipient know that you’re busy, however, they can bypass this to deliver it with a notification if it’s urgent. These focus settings can also be applied to other Apple devices so notifications will be muted at certain times of the day, or if you’re in a certain location, such as work.

Safari’s new look

Image Taken From Apple.

This is a redesign of the new safari, but there have been multiple variants since its announcement back at WWDC. While the user interface has seen some large changes, strong user feedback resulted in a final redesign that’s a mix of its other variants and what’s been refined in the months since WWDC.

The feedback that came back has made apple opt into relocating the address bar at the bottom of the app, making it much easier to reach with your thumb, while swiping to the left or the right on the address back switches between all opened tabs. But you can always switch it back to its original position if you’re an old school safari user.

Tabs have also received an improvement in Safari for iOS 15. A new feature called Tab Groups can open your favourite collection of websites at once so you can check up on the latest news, without separately opening a new tab and navigating to that specific website.

Live Text from A Photo!

Image Taken From Apple.

iOS 15 New Live Text

Image Taken From Apple.

Have you ever been on holiday and realised you couldn’t read the text in that foreign language? Or have you ever taken a picture and saw some text in the background that you wanted to investigate later? By taking a picture in iOS15 you can now highlight text from an image and copy or translate it directly from that image! Live Text is a feature that can apply to app photos taken previously, alongside when you’re facing your iPhone to an object in real-time.