An Urgent Phishing Alert for users of AdultFriendFinder

Following a massive data breach of the adult dating and entertainment website Friend Finder Network, over 412 million accounts, including (over 15 million “deleted” records that were not removed from the company’s databases, have now been exposed.

This puts its millions of users, past and present at risk of various online attacks and the public is […]

Bitcoin value spikes as Trumps claims his victory

Althought its often seen as the most risky and volatile assests around, investors flocked to safety and ploughed their cash into the digital currency following the results of the USA election.

Rising by as much as 4.6pc against the dollary, Bitcoin was close to 35 month high against the pound amid a global sell-off.

Historically the currency […]

Mobile Internet Use Overtakes Desktop

A new milestone has been reached in October 2016 with more websites being loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers.
Research company, Statcounter, tracks internet usage across 2.5million websites and has stated that for the first time, mobile access has surpassed desktop and laptop computers with 51.3% of pages being loaded on a mobile […]

Kodak Launch ‘The Ektra’ ultimate smartphone for camera obsessives

Global brand giant Kodak who famously failed to adapt to the world of digital and smartphone cameras, has teamed up with Reading based manufacturer Bullitt, and unveiled its first smartphone aimed at photography fanatics with a high-powered camera .

The partnership aims to carve itself a niche in the smartphone market by appealing to camera fanatics […]

Google announce an end to late night browsing for kids

Announcements from Googles October Event include Pixel Smartphones, an App that gives parents the ability to implement restrictions on the the time their children spend online, a home speaker that users can ask questions of, Wifi Routers that boost connectivity around the house, virtual reality headset wear compatible with the Goolge Daydream App and the […]

Taxi for Blackberry

Its the end of an era as Blackberry announces an end to its smartphone production

Following 14 years in the mobile phone industry, Blackberry has recently annoounced that i will no longer be designing and producing smartphones for the mobile industry.

Blackberry who had a large percentage of the mobile phone marketshare back in 2010 has seen […]

iPhone 7 Reviewed

So its been a week since the release of the iPhone 7 and we’re always interested to find out what the industry thinks….

“If you’re going to buy a new iPhone, this is the one to get – there’s slightly longer battery life, a better camera, fast innards and protection against water. However, many of the changes […]

10 Downing Street Opens Its Doors to Google Maps

Few members of the public are allowed inside Number 10 Downing Street, with the Prime Minister’s residence one of a handful of British landmarks that has remained off-limits to tourists.

But online visitors can now virtually walk its halls after a partnership with Google allowed its famous halls and rooms to be included on Google Maps’ […]

The Cost of Outdated Technology

Although it might seem more cost effective to keep old technology going for as long as possible, the true cost of old computers and laptops may shock you. So what is the real cost of keeping outdated technology and what can a business do to change this?
PCs that are over 3 years old are 28% […]

68M Users Dropbox Passwords Leaked

Popular cloud storage firm Dropbox has been hacked, with over 68m users’ email addresses and passwords leaking on to the internet.

The attack took place during 2012. At the time Dropbox reported a collection of user’s email addresses had been stolen. It did not report that passwords had been stolen as well.

The dump of passwords came […]