First Look Into Windows 11!
Windows 11 has finally arrived which is quite surprising, to say the least, not long ago did Microsoft say that Windows 10 would be the last ever update of Windows, one that would receive updates for years to come and eventually decades, but this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore […]

Apple has been Unleashed…. (Apple’s Unleashed Event!)

Everything we have missed during Apple’s MacBook Event.
Apple’s Unleashed event was on the 18th of October and there are some things we all missed such as the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros as well as the new sleek HomePod Mini Colours.

Here are some of the ones we think are most eye-catching!

HomePod Minis!

The HomePod Mini […]

New Features that are introduced in iOS 15

iOS 15 has a lot to offer.

As the September 14th Apple Event, announced the brand-new iPad Mini, Apple Watch and the beautiful iPhone 13, it also confirmed the release date for iOS 15, which lands today alongside its other software.

However, iOS 15 has received some changes since its unveiling at WWDC. Safari has seen its […]

Windows 11 Features & 365

It has been a full five years after the launch of Windows 10, but the follow up has now arrived.

Microsoft unveiled its beautiful looking operating system called Windows 11 officially during a live-streamed event on Thursday 24 June 2021, showing off the basics of the new OS, which will come in the form of a […]

Apple’s BIGGEST Event This Year!

Apple’s big event is happening this week and is scheduled for Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 at 6 PM GMT.

You’ll finally get to see a preview of the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and possibly even the air-pods 3 during the virtual event next week.

This would be Apples’ 7th virtual event due to COVID-19 Restrictions and […]

Malware attack puts lSS offline…..

A cyber-attack has hit the major facilities company ISS World, which has half a million employees worldwide.

ISS provides cleaning, catering, security and other services to companies in the UK and elsewhere.

Its websites have been down since 17 February. And This Week in Facilities Management said 43,000 staff at London’s Canary Wharf and its Weybridge HQ, […]

Windows 7 support. What should you do?

Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows 7 so that it can focus on “newer technologies”.

As a result, Windows 7 users will no longer receive the all-important security updates and patches that keep their machines safe.

One in four Windows users is running Windows 7, according to statistics website StatCounter.

What does this mean?

It means that Microsoft is ending […]

Apple fined for slowing down old iPhones….

Apple has been fined 25 million euros (£21m, $27m) for deliberately slowing down older iPhone models without making it clear to consumers.

The fine was imposed by France’s competition and fraud watchdog DGCCRF, which said consumers were not warned.

In 2017, Apple confirmed that it did slow down some iPhones, but said it only did so to […]

Chargers Costing Peoples Security

Rigged MacBook chargers hijacking peoples laptops and stealing their data!

A neat feature of many modern laptops is the ability to power them up through the USB port. Unlike the rectangular USB ports of old, the newer type – USB-C – can carry enough power to charge your machine.

That’s great news: it means you don’t need to […]

Google Maps Always Tracks

Is Google Tracking You?

Thought you’d turned off location tracking in your Google account? Think again. Turns out Google tracks your location even when you think it isn’t.

Chances are if you’ve ever fiddled around in your Google privacy settings that you came across Location History. If you were spooked by the idea of Google tracking your […]