Vestacare deliver innovative services to people with learning disabilities across a number of short stay and residential homes within the Greater Manchester area. With an outdated and disjointed IT infrastructure that no longer effectively serviced the needs of the business, Vestacare approached award winning Stonegate IT, one of the foremost providers of IT & Cyber Security services in the North West, with a view to reviewing their existing IT provision. The organisation was on a significant growth curve and a comprehensive IT solution was required to both support and future proof the business.

The Challenge

The clients existing IT infrastructure was fragmented and no longer supported the growing needs of the business. There was a distinct lack of control over the way that information flowed within the business and each of the Vestcare sites had a different way of accessing business information.
An in-house server, which was quickly running out of space was being used to store data and company information. Furthermore, all of the company’s existing hardware, PC’s, laptops, printers etc had been purchased on an adhoc basis from high street retailers.
Due to the nature of the services provided by Vestacare, there is a huge amount of sensitive and personal information that was being stored and updated in a potentially unsecure environment.


Accessibility – Access to company data and information was imperative for key members of staff within the business. Providing a secure, remote access to the network from any location and from any device was key to the organisations IT strategy.
Security – Ensuring that all business data, including personal information relating to the residential and day care guests, was stored securely and compliant with data protection regulations.
Telephony – To have a single central contact number for the Vestacare organisation, rather than different numbers for each of the centres and homes. The client specifically wanted a new telephony system that included an IVR to redirect callers from the central number, through to the relevant department that they wish to speak to.
Expansion – As the client continues to go through a significant growth curve, one of the key priorities for the organisation is to ensure that a new IT infrastructure supports the longer-term objectives of the organisations.

The Solution

Having discussed the organisations objectives and reviewed the current IT infrastructure, Stonegate IT deployed a resilient, centrally managed hosted desktop solution running with the most up to date version of Microsoft 365. This provided efficient and consistent access to emails and the Microsoft Office suite for all members of staff.

A proactive and responsive IT support service was agreed upon, providing all users with access to a team of technicians that would support and resolve any ongoing issues in accordance with a strict SLA and ‘Fix it’ response times.

Furthermore, a cloud based multi-channel telephony system was deployed across the organisation which enabled effective communications both internally and externally. The IVR system now directs callers to the relevant department meaning there is less time wasted answering, and redirecting external calls.



Adelphi Insurance are a traditional motor insurance broker based in the North West. With outdated legacy applications, software and PC’s, Adelphi were looking for a robust, migratable IT solution that would reflect their forward thinking approach both to technology and the industry as a whole. With a an immediate requirement for a superior IT service that would deliver brand new hardware and software for a fixed monthly fee and with no upfront capital expenditure, they approached award winning Stonegate Technologies LLP, one of the foremost providers of managed IT, cloud and cyber security services in the North West.

The Just Add Staff package from Stonegate Technologies LLP provided a scalable solution and fresh approach to Adelphi’s IT provision, aligning both their business objectives & strategy for the forthcoming years.


The Challenge

With limited security in place and outdated equipment, the challenge for Stonegate Technologies LLP was to support Adelphi Insurance with hard and software that will help to support the organisation moving forward.

Giving all employees access to Office 365 on site, at home and on the go was a key priority as well as permitting access to the server for staff to reference business information and documentation 24/7.

A slow broadband connection severely impacted the working day for lots of Adelphi Insurance employees creating frustration that tasks often took twice as long to complete as they should do. In addition following further review and assessment the IT infrastructure was wide open to infiltration from viruses, malware and other cyber threats.


The Solution

Providing staff with brand new equipment was at the top of the list of things to address for Adelphi Insurance, closely followed by the installation of a superfast business broadband connection that provided a significantly faster upload and download speed.

Microsoft Office 365 & business class email was installed on each users laptop or PC with a 50gb email limit and free anti-spam, anti-virus and unlimited archiving, via a hosted workspace.

Built in disaster recovery and business continuity was implemented to safeguard the clients data from any future cyber threat. This was backed up by unlimited onsite and remote IT support within a 4 hour response SLA.

The Benefits

For a fixed monthly fee, Adelphi Insurance were able to benefit from brand new equipment fully loaded with the latest software. This Opex approach to IT services helped with cash flow by allowing the client to spread the costs over a fixed term rather than purchasing new technology outright.

With a fully outsourced IT support service from Stonegate Technologies LLP, Adelphi Insurance took advantage of the latest cloud based technologies with the flexibility to increase or decrease support in response to changes in staff requirements.

A robust, world class security network and centrally managed service means that Adelphi Insurance can now be confident that their business data was stored both on site and in the cloud. Not only is their network secure, but it is continuously backed up and protected from the threat of sophisticated cyber-attack.

“We spoke to a number of potential solution providers but Stonegate Technologies LLP were the only ones to fully understand our requirements. They were able to deliver a high quality solution within our budget which was unachievable by any of the other companies we spoke with. The mix of technologies provided by Stonegate Technologies LLP have provided massive benefits to the team both in terms of reliability and speed, as well as reducing the cost of our service provision.” Lindsey Norris, Adelphi Insurance.


Schools Lettings Solutions (SLS) are a small organisation that experienced rapid growth in a significantly short period of time. The primary requirement was for a scalable, cloud based service that would provide a fully future proof IT solution for a fixed monthly cost. The Just Add Staff package from Stonegate Technologies LLP was a perfect fit for their requirements, providing the client with hardware, software and IT support, without the need for capital expenditure.

School Lettings Solutions provide schools, academies and colleges with a comprehensive management solution to hiring out their facilities to create an ongoing additional revenue stream.
Due to their rapid expansion, and set up of Head Quarters in a purpose built office in Lostock Bolton, SLS approached Stonegate Technologies LLP, Award Winning providers of managed IT, cloud and cyber security services in the North West, in relation to their growing need for a superior approach to their current IT arrangements.

The Challenge

To support the organisation in their need to acquire new hardware to support rapid growth, whilst facilitating technology on the go with the ability to collaborate and share information remotely as well as on site.

Outdated equipment and a slow broadband connection was a constant hindrance in the SLS office, slowing down productivity and creating a sense of frustration amongst staff that they couldn’t work as quickly and effectively as they needed to do so. With no access to emails via mobile devices they were also restricted to email communications via PC’s and laptops only.

Security was almost non-existent with no hint of a business class firewall and no anti-spam provision on email. Following a virus in Feb 2013 where they had been unable to recover all their business data and documentation, a free version of Dropbox was being used for storage of all internal communications.

The Solution

The immediate requirement was to provide the SLS team with the correct resources to be able to work from anywhere, at any time and from any device, with a built in disaster recovery and business continuity that would safeguard their data from any future threat.

MS Office 365 provided all staff with anytime, anywhere, any device access to email, applications and business data.

Brand new laptops were provided for each member of staff with unlimited onsite and remote IT support within a 4 hour response SLA.

An additional broadband line was installed providing a significantly faster upload and download speed.

The Benefits

Just Add Staff provided an Opex rather than Capex approach to IT, removing the need for heavy up-front investment and enabling SLS to benefit from leading technology for a fixed monthly fee.

School Lettings Service received a tailored IT package that not only delivered brand new equipment with the latest software and security, but improved cash flow by spreading costs instead of purchasing outright.

Benefiting from a fully outsourced service from Stonegate Technologies LLP, SLS were able to keep up to date with cloud based technologies and embrace the exciting new opportunities that new technologies bring with the flexibility to increase or decrease support in response to changes in staff requirements.

Stonegate Technologies LLP helped SLS reduce the risks to the business from ever increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats. With a robust, world class security network and centrally managed service, SLS could now be confident that their business data stored both on site and in the cloud, were not only fully protected but continuously backed up, meaning they need never lose a single piece of business information again.

“Stonegate Technologies LLP delivered a cloud based solution that included both the latest office software as well as brand new hardware for a fixed monthly price. This was exactly what we needed as an organisation in order to be able to scale our business at the speed required to sustain such rapid growth. Now, every new starter is provided with brand new equipment at a simple fixed price which allows us to budget effectively.” Scott Warrington, Director School Lettings Solutions.



Formed in 1888, The Football League is the world’s original league football competition and subsequently the template for leagues the world over. With 72 member clubs, it is also the largest single body of professional clubs in European football and is responsible for administering and regulating The Football League, The Football League Cup and The Football League Trophy, as well as reserve and youth football. Headquartered in Preston and London, communications with member clubs via the Internet is an essential tool for the organisation to be able to conduct its business.

Stonegate, one of the foremost providers of managed IT services in Manchester has worked with The Football League for over six years, providing managed support services for their IT operations. This includes helpdesk, second and third line support, IT user clinics, mobile device management as well as support for their Macs and PCs. Stonegate also offers a full array of innovative technology solutions tailored to their customer environments, including cloud-based services, disaster recovery, backup and professional services.

The Challenge

During a regular annual IT support review process, The Football League brought attention to the fact that their existing security solution had come to the end of its life and would not be able to cope with future traffic demand and the increase in mobile devices.

The Football League were particularly concerned with the threat from new-sophisticated vector attacks and the potential impact they have on application performance and availability of their administration services, especially at key times such as player transfer deadline dates.

What was needed was a resilient and robust next generation security solution capable of addressing the latest threats and enabling secure access for the increasing number of smartphones and tablets within the organisation.

At the same time, they needed to ensure the security solution did not become a network bottleneck and was capable of supporting higher data rates and providing high performance low-latency services.

In addition, the security platform needed to be flexible, so it could evolve and scale effortlessly along with any new applications and future business plans.

The Solution

Stonegate responded with an innovative Managed Internet Security Proposition. The managed service provides a flexible approach to security functionality to reduce administrative overhead and time spent by HR. Plus, the highly resilient solution was designed and implemented within a very short timeframe.

Based on the deployment of two FortiWifi-80C hardware accelerated security appliances in each of The Football league’s offices at Preston and London, the high availability configuration enhances reliability and increases performance by clustering the two appliances into a single entity. The traffic to each site is load balanced over dual high-speed Internet connections to maximise flexibility and resilience.

The FortiWifi-80C security platform delivers consolidated security with high throughput and exceptionally low latency. The platform unifies firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, web filtering and many other security technologies. In addition, the FortiASIC processors provide the accelerated wire-speed performance needed to block threats and ensure that network security does not become a bottleneck for user interactions. Each of the appliances delivered can provide up to 1.9 Gigabit/sec firewall throughput, ensuring high performance in the most challenging conditions.

Mobile devices are supported at each site via a wireless controller integrated into every FortiWiFi appliance. This centralises the management and monitoring of wireless access points, with wireless traffic undergoing identity-aware firewall policies and inspection, with only authorised wireless traffic forwarded and allowed access to network. Plug and play FortiAP wireless access points were also installed on the two sites, which automatically downloaded their configuration settings, supporting quick deployment and saving resources.

The managed network security service uses the high technical skills of the Stonegate network and security team, who carry out configuration, update management and network security monitoring 24/7.

The Benefits

With the addition of a new comprehensive in-depth defense system from Fortinet, Stonegate has helped The Football League reduce the risks to the organisation from the increasing sophistication of IT security threats.

The new implementation has made the security infrastructure more manageable, more flexible, more robust and reliable.

“We selected the Stonegate managed security solution using the FortiWiFi-80C appliances because it met our requirements for a robust security, high performance and low latency platform that offered excellent value for money. As league administrators we depend on the Internet to conduct our business, so it is critical to have a network that is always available, secure and fast for both members clubs and staff. With more mobile users in our offices it became crucial to protect our network and IT systems from all new sources of risk.”

By integrating all wired and wireless traffic at the sites into a single security platform The Football League gains unmatched visibility and control of all network threats.

Security policies can be easily changed and updated from a central point, providing The Football League with complete control over its network security.



Photolink Creative Group, based in Manchester, is a retail communications specialist providing brand direction, creative content, fashion photography and shoot production resources to the UK’s biggest and best known retail brands.

Technology is a key aid to the creative process and stimulates innovation across the communications value chain. As such, the photographic, creative, video, digital and production teams at Photolink need high performance reliable IT services to match the high level of quality content that makes a significant difference to their customer’s business.

Stonegate, one of the foremost providers of managed IT services in Manchester has worked closely with Photolink to become the trusted provider for their IT applications and infrastructure. The applications, servers and storage have been migrated into a datacentre, providing Photolink with the freedom to securely access information and applications from any location with an Internet connection. With the provision of outsourced IT services and a cloud based model, Photolink gained the flexibility, expertise and resources to maximise the value of their ICT requirements.

The Challenge

With the high volumes of media rich data being handled by Photolink on a daily basis, the network had to incorporate a reliable, high performance connection to the data centre in order to maximise user interaction and productivity.

To maintain high throughput and reliability, it was essential to have a network security solution that did not create any performance bottlenecks as traffic was inspected and filtered for threats and malware.

The data throughput required by Photolink was placing enormous pressure on the existing security infrastructure, so Stonegate conducted a thorough network audit to review the situation and implement a new solution to meet Photolink’s current and future traffic requirements.

The objective was to provide a high performance and low latency solution to support uninterrupted access to applications without compromising security and business agility. To achieve this, Stonegate tested solutions from a number of leading security vendors, resulting in Fortinet being identified as the preferred choice, based on its unmatched performance and best price.

The Solution

Two FortiGate-300C appliances were installed, one in the Stonegate datacentre and one in Photolink’s office, which were connected via a high speed 1 Gigabit dedicated Internet connection.

The FortiGate-00C security appliance delivers consolidated security with extremely high throughput and exceptionally low latency. Fortinet’s purpose‐built hardware and software provide industry leading performance for the most demanding networking environments. Specifically, the FortiASIC processors provide the performance needed to block emerging threats, meet rigorous third party certification, and ensure that network security solution does not become a network bottleneck for user interactions.

The highly versatile FortiGate‐300C features one of the highest port densities and price/performance ratios of any product in its class. The appliance provides up to 8 Gbps firewall throughput and up to ten 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces providing the scalability to meet future bandwidth growth.

To maintain a high security posture for Photolink, Stonegate provides comprehensive network security management, which involves policy based provisioning, update management and end to end network monitoring.

The Benefits

The fully outsourced service from Stonegate enables Photolink to keep up to date with changing technologies and the exciting opportunities those new technologies present. With mission critical application, backup services and redundancy within the cloud, Stonegate provides Photolink with a flexible way to manage IT costs and scale its IT needs.

With the addition of a new comprehensive in‐depth defence system from Fortinet, Stonegate helps Photolink reduce the risks to the business from the increasing sophistication of IT security threats. The combination  of world class network  security and central management service  allows Stonegate to provide Photolink  with robust  security for  IT resources in  the  cloud and  their on–‐premise  network.

Fortinet’s team of threat researchers continuously monitor the evolving threat landscape, allowing Photolink to benefit from rapid product updates to ensure ongoing protection from new and emerging threats.

At last, Fortinet’s purpose built hardware and software provides industry leading performance for the high demands of a media rich creative environment at Photolink. The platform delivers the power needed to detect malicious content at Gigabit connection speeds without compromising network throughput and performance.

Photolink now enjoys reliable  access  to data with  increased  processing power and  business continuity  from the  cloud service,  which in  turn improves their competitiveness through  increased productivity  and enhanced client  service levels.