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10 Downing Street Opens Its Doors to Google Maps

Few members of the public are allowed inside Number 10 Downing Street, with the Prime Minister’s residence one of a handful of British landmarks that has remained off-limits to tourists.

But online visitors can now virtually walk its halls after a partnership with Google allowed its famous halls and rooms to be included on Google Maps’ […]

Second Line Support Technician

We’re looking for 2nd Line Support Technicians to join our busy IT Support team; reporting to the Support Manager, you’ll be responsible for providing quality support to ever-increasing customer base.
The ideal person will have a combination of excellent communication and technical skills, having consistently delivered solutions with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Based in […]

The Cost of Outdated Technology

Although it might seem more cost effective to keep old technology going for as long as possible, the true cost of old computers and laptops may shock you. So what is the real cost of keeping outdated technology and what can a business do to change this?
PCs that are over 3 years old are 28% […]

68M Users Dropbox Passwords Leaked

Popular cloud storage firm Dropbox has been hacked, with over 68m users’ email addresses and passwords leaking on to the internet.

The attack took place during 2012. At the time Dropbox reported a collection of user’s email addresses had been stolen. It did not report that passwords had been stolen as well.

The dump of passwords came […]

25th Anniversary of the Internet

This month sees the 25 year anniversary of the launch of the internet, changing the lives of millions to people around the world and making communication faster and easier than its ever been.

On August 23, 1991 – 25 years ago today – the public gained access for the first time to the World Wide Web, designed […]

You Tube Space opened by Google in London’s Kings Cross

Google has launched a new space for YouTubers at its UK headquarters in London’s King’s Cross.

Space London, which opened on Tuesday, includes three soundproof studios, editing suites and a store for YouTubers to sell their merchandise. It also has a community area with a barista bar.

The 20,000 square foot YouTube Space, which can be accessed […]

Android Bug fear in 900 Million Phones

Serious security flaws that could give attackers complete access to a phone’s data have been found in software used on tens of millions of Android devices.

The bugs were uncovered by Checkpoint researchers looking at software running on chipsets made by US firm Qualcomm.

Qualcomm processors are found in about 900 million Android phones, the company said.

However, […]

Cyber crime spikes in the UK compared to robbery and theft

You’re now 20 times more likely to fall victim of CyberCrime than suffer a robbery!!

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published a report at the tail end of July which detailed how cybercrime has accounted for 40% of all crime recorded in the first six-months of this year.

A person living in the UK is […]

Amazon to step up UK tests of delivery drones

Amazon will step up its drone tests in UK airspace after winning approval from the Government to lift strict flying restrictions in a major boost to its plans for unmanned delivery aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has granted the internet retailer special permission to test its aerial vehicles without several of the rules that typically […]

Can Google diagnose Kidney Disease?

Google’s DeepMind has moved on from playing Go to more serious matters – attempting to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems.

Projects include a tie-up with London Moorfields eye hospital, which will see it using one million eye scans to train its artificial intelligence system to diagnose potential sight issues, and development of an […]